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Richard Raskin

Richard Raskin has been building custom homes on Long Island for over twenty years. He is the managing partner and oversees all operations from a position of knowledge and with extraordingary attention to detail. He is an integral part of unearthing the customer's desires and ensuring that they are built into their homes.

He has a wealth of experience that he shares with customers and subcontractors to optimize each house. Richard visits each house and project virtually every day to ensure that all is moving along as scheduled; on budget and that all work is being done to the Pines' standards.

Richard Raskin is also very active in the Long Island Builders Institute, the trade association of residential builders on the island. He is a Life Director, Member of the Executive Committee, Chairman of the Compliance (complaint) Committee and Chairman of the Standards Committee, which wrote the Accepted Building Standards of the Long Island Builders Institute, which is the standard for construction quality. Richard is formerly Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Institute. Richard is also an Arbitrator on the Construction Dispute Resolution Panel of the American Arbitrator Association.

Gregg Miller

Gregg Miller has been a Carpenter and General Contractor on Long Island for over sixteen years. He has done new construction, renovations, expansions and home improvements on a customer referral basis during these sixteen years. He has been working with, and a principal of the Pines and Deer Run for over four years.

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Gregg is a hands on working supervisor. His workmanship and attention to detail are second to none. Gregg is on the job almost every day ensuring the houses are built according to the plans and specifications and that his high personal standards and the Pines' standards are built into each house.

Michele Miller

Michele Miller works with customers to ensure that their home is customized and detailed to fulfill their goals, dreams and expectations; all within their budget. She also coordinates subcontractors, handles administrative duties and works in the field.

Sally Weitman

Sally Weitman has been with the Pines/Deer Run Properties for over sixteen years. Sally is an invaluable part of the organization handling customer, subcontractor and municipal communications. Sally does our bookkeeping, pays the bills, sends out the invoices and handles a wide variety of administrative duties.


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