History of the Pines

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The Pines and Deer Run have built everything from single homes on spot lots to fifty house sub-divisions. We tend to specialize in small sub-divisions of six to twenty-five houses. When doing such projects, it is our general rule that no two houses will be alike.

We specialize in simple but elegant homes with a lot of architectural detail both inside and out. We build from our plans, a customer's plans or we create a completely custom house. We often do "variations on a theme," which means that we customize one of our homes or a house that a customer has seen so that we come close as possible to meeting the clients hopes, dreams, expectations, needs and budget.

Our homes are built with the finest materials, using traditional materials, where they are best suited, and a limited amount of engineered products, where they enhance the overall quality of the project. For the most part, our subcontractors have been working with us for many years and are artisans in the Old World style. This group of subcontractors is part of a team, which allows us to produce an overall product, which has won accolades from our customers, the industry and the general public.

When purchasing land to be sub-divided, we head up a unique team of engineers, surveyors, attorneys and consultants who work very closely with the municipalities and governmental agencies to obtain approvals in the shortest possible time.

Currently we are building a three-house sub-division in Huntington. If you are interested in getting more information regarding this project, please click on Current Projects or feel free to contact our office at 516-364-1250.

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Recently completed projects include The Pines at St. James (4 homes), a single custom home in Baiting Hollow on a bluff overlooking the Long Island Sound, The Pines at: Fort Salonga (11 homes), Smithtown (Landing Avenue - 9 homes), Stony Brook (6 homes), Huntington (6 homes), Greenlawn (6 homes), Setauket (10 homes), Lake Grove (22 homes) and a single home in Huntington.


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